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Learn about the variety of options and how to identify an institution that best fits your needs.

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The next step after choosing the best institution and program for you, is to make contact and apply.

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Explore your funding options, and make sure you have your first tution fees covered!

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Pre-departure information can help you a lot if this is your first time in Jordan!

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How to Apply

Start Your Application! This step covers the general application requirements for Jordanian higher education institutions.

In Jordan, application requirements can vary from a higher education institution to another. Check the specific requirements on the website of each institution’s international admissions office for further details. However, there are general application requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

    General application requirements:
  • - Educational credentials: This is typically your secondary/high school diploma and transcripts, as well as any final national exams required in your country. Transcripts are certified copies of your educational record, courses, and grades. At first, a copy sent by you is generally required for each institution you apply to for initial admission. The institution you apply to will need the originals, or certified copies after you arrive.
  • - Every student wishing to enroll in postgraduate programs in Jordanian universities is required to submit proof of success in one of the foreign language aptitude exams (TOEFL, IELTS, French language level exam, German language level exam, or an English level exam equivalent to international exams held by the university).

Below are the institutions in charge of administrating the English competency exam:

  • - IELTS /British Counsil
  • - TOEFL /Amideast
  • - As for the National TOEFL exam, it is best you contact the higher education institution you apply to for more inofrmation.

It is worth mentioning that if you do not have a standard English proficiency level certificate, you can still apply to a higher education institution, but will be required to take an English test at the institution you apply to. Moreover, failure of the test will require you to take certain extra credit hours in your academic plan.

You can learn more about the equation process of non-Jordanian highschool certificates through the following link: Ministry of Education