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Academic Questions

There are so many Higher education institutions in Jordan, How do I decide which one to apply to?
The best advice we can give is to research your options and define your priorities. Contact us or advising centers nearest to you and browse univerity and college search engines online.
What is the academic calendar for universities in Jordan?
The academic year usually runs from September through June with breaks for holidays. Most universities use the semester system (two terms). Furthermore, most universities have an additional summer semester in between the first and second, mostly used in undergraduate studies.

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Other Questions

Can you work while studying in Jordan?
Unfortunately, international students are not allowed to work whilst studying in Jordan under a student visa.
Can I transfer to a Jordanian university from a university outside of Jordan?
Yes, although you may lose some credits and require extra time to complete your degree as it is a policy to only accredit up to a certain amount of hours.


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