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What International Students Say


"I was taught by the best professors, who really try to go to all lengths and take all kinds of approaches to teach, motivate and empower us... Thank you Jordan.."
Hala Jolagh / Iraq
"Jordan provides a sense of security and peace of mind that helps you adapt to the society quite easily.."
Farouk Shagari / Nigeria
In Jordan, there are "highly qualified academic staff who are active in scientific research and publishication.."
Amal Al-saqqaf / Yemen
"Studying in Jordan gave me a great chance to experience different styles of education, and to meet new lifelong friends of different cultural backgrounds.."
Hamza Helli / Syria
"Studying in Jordan helped me identify myself and bring out the capabilities that have already been buried in my country,,"
Ismail Haboush / Palestine
"Jordan is characterized by an environment that is supportive of creativity, excellence, innovation and refinement of talent.."
Saad Alenizi / Saudi Arabia
"Studying in Jordan is a mixture of cultural experience and formal education!"
Davit Sahakyan / Armenia
"what makes Jordan a place for you to study is its unique culture!!"
Muhammad Roslan/ Malaysia