#3 Financing your studies

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STEP # 1


Learn about the variety of options and how to identify an institution that best fits your needs.

STEP # 2


The next step after choosing the best institution and program for you, is to make contact and apply.

STEP # 3


Explore your funding options, and make sure you have your first tution fees covered!

STEP # 4


Pre-departure information can help you a lot if this is your first time in Jordan!

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How to Apply

Make Sure Your Finances Are in Order and Invest in Yourself!

Invest in yourself! The cost of living and studying varies across Jordan. With the right amount of planning and research, pursuing a higher education in Jordan can be made affordable with high returns on your investment!

When looking into studying in Jordan, evaluating your finances should be one of the first things you do. As with any investment, you need to evaluate what's best for your educational and career goals and what you are willing to spend.

Jordanian institutions offer a wide array of programs with a wide array of tuition. In Jordan, the cost might vary a little from place to place. You need to assess your funding and what you are able to spend on your education and living expenses.

Below is a table that breaks down your basic expenses:

Activity Average Expenditure in USD per month
Housing International students will find multiple housing options, starting from around 210 USD.
Transportation On average, student transportation will cost between 130-160 USD.
Food and beverage The cost of food and beverage can very depending on where you eat and live, but international students say they spend in between 180-220 USD.
Student Activities Optional extracurricular activities could cost around 30-60 USD.
leisure Cost of leisure and social activities can also vary depending on your interests and where you live, but on average, students spend around 140-210 USD.